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You can use this service if you need to shorten your links.

YACOVE Features

Easy to Use

Our link shortener is extremely easy to use. Just enter the long URL and get your shortened link in seconds.

Customized Links

We offer the option to customize your shortened links to reflect your brand or content. Choose an easy-to-remember custom URL.

Detailed Statistics

Get comprehensive statistics. Track the number of clicks, geographic origin, and more to understand the performance of your links.

Advanced Analytics

Get detailed insights into the behavior of your shortened links. Discover which devices are being used, conversion rates, and click patterns.

API Integration

Access our API to integrate the link shortener into your own applications or services. Automate the process of link shortening and management.

Security and Privacy

Our link shortener ensures the security and privacy of your shortened links. Your data and statistics are protected and only accessible to you.